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Envac Air Conditioner: Smart Cooling for Ultimate Comfort and Energy Efficiency



EnvaC Air-Conditioner comprises of three major components that contributes to its sucess

EnvaC Storez
This serves as the Ice battery where excess energy is stored for later use
  • The EnvaC Storez is a component of the Envac air conditioner system that functions as an "Ice battery" by storing excess energy for later use. It serves as a thermal energy storage unit that helps optimize energy usage and enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning system.
  • Energy Storage: When the Envac air conditioner system generates more cooling capacity than is immediately required, the excess energy is diverted and used to freeze water or a specialized phase-change material (PCM) inside the EnvaC Storez.
  • Thermal Mass: The frozen or solidified material within the EnvaC Storez acts as a thermal mass or energy reservoir, capable of storing a large amount of cooling energy in a compact form.
Outdoor Unit
  • Energy Release: During peak load periods or when the cooling demand increases, the EnvaC Storez releases the stored energy by allowing the thawed or melted material to absorb heat from the surrounding air. This process provides additional cooling capacity to the air conditioning system without requiring the immediate operation of power-hungry compressors or condensers.
  • Energy Optimization: By storing excess energy and releasing it during high-demand periods, the EnvaC Storez helps balance the energy load and reduces the strain on the air conditioning system, improving overall efficiency and reducing electricity consumption
  • Cost Savings: The use of the EnvaC Storez allows for the utilization of off-peak electricity, which is typically cheaper, to freeze the material inside the unit. This helps reduce energy costs by taking advantage of lower electricity rates during non-peak hours
Indoor Unit
  • Overall, the EnvaC Storez component of the Envac air conditioner system acts as an energy storage solution, allowing for the efficient utilization of excess energy. By storing this energy and releasing it during peak demand periods, it helps optimize energy usage, reduce electricity costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of the air conditioning system.